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Couper won Reserve Winners Dog

at the National Specialty for a 3 point major.

He beat 25 other dogs that were entered from all over the world.













This is Rufus, a wheaten wire hair in the "West Elm" catalog. 

He is a Lacey X Gryphon puppy. 

He is pictured as a puppy on the past puppies page.





This is Lacey and Gryphon's puppy, Marni, on the cover of the J Crew kids catalog.  She is a little wire hair girl.

Congrats to Martin and Leylan on your adorable, famous, baby!!!!!!

It has been 6 years since I have started with my
wire hairs, and they have stolen my heart.
Gryphon has proven to be a wonderful stud.  He has given me some of the most beautiful puppies I have had to date.  And more colors than I even knew was possible. 
He has passed his wonderful temperment on to all his offspring.  Which is something I felt like I was missing with Jett's more reserved nature.
But, have no fear Jett is still here, keeping my feet warm at night and being my shadow by day.

 I have also added 2 beautiful piebald girls.  I have been waiting a long time for just the right piebalds. 

The piebalds have been over-bred, in my opinion, with little consideration for type or conformation.  A piebald should still look like a Dachshund!

But, my friends at Aston Acres in Oregon specialize in breeding the most beautiful piebalds.  I am honored they have let me have one of their gorgeous girls.  Shea is a long, lean, piebald machine.  She has a gorgeous head and awesome short legs!!  Then there is Dharma who has just joined us.  She brings with her, gorgeous type with lots of bone.  Keep a look out for Dharma's new picture.

Check my "Upcoming Litters" page for this years planned breedings.



This is what happens at my house after a nice long rain.  The ground is so soft it is begging to be dug up.

Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting below ground.  Digging is very instinctual.  Although the only thing mine usually find is worms.  YUM!!!

When I have my wire's out with me everyone always stops to ask,  "What kind of dog is that?"  Although they don't look like your "traditional" Dachshund.  They are Dachshund through and through,  but with a little bit extra.  They are more fun, friendly, playful and outgoing then the smooths. They shed very little and require little grooming.  Once you go wire you never go back, they are absolutely addicting.




Mother and daughter play time


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Quality AKC Registered Miniature Dachshunds, Located in
Northern/Central California.
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